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About a year or so ago i decided to do a kind of Saturday kitchen/Rig rundown type of chatcast which would be fun and informal, with a bit of jim Bowen and Tony Green thrown in for good measure. I hope we suceeded as we had never tried anything like this before. It's been a proper laugh from the off! Massive thanks also to my dear camerawife, Erin for her massive input, to Kevin poree for stitching it all together effortlessly, and to Richard, Ian and all at Cadiz music for letting me use the Triangle bar to film the fucker.


Unfortunately massive tour commitments have resulted in us having to put the show on ice for a while, but hopefully we'll be back next year with a brand new season, brand new guests, brand new stories, and a shitload of BULLY!

Cheers pals!

Mick Geggus

Welcome to the inaugural episode, with my long-term partner in crime, the legend that is Mr. Vince Riordan!
Join me for this super smashing episode with the ever-erudite Leigh Heggarty from renowned rockers Ruts DC and the highly-acclaimed new punk supergroup, The Wingmen.
This special edition features Mick getting the tables turned on him when one-off host, Richard England, quizzes him about the guitar which was the prize for the Cockney Rejects' PowerGrab boxset competition. The winner was also drawn and notified.
Join me for this brilliant 4th Episode with the legendary Dennis Stratton who gives me a fascinating insight into his early days, the genesis of RDB, being head-hunted by Iron Maiden, forming Lionheart, joining Praying Mantis, and More! Dennis also discusses his rig and knocks our socks off with a sample of his sublime riffing. And, of course, there's a bit of Bully!
Join Mick to hear his fascinating discussion with East End guitar legend, Dave Edwards - stories about the early Bridgehouse scene, Remus Down Boulevard tours and his long-standing friendship with Rory Gallagher and plenty more! Dave also explains his unique guitar set-up.
Well that was it for the inaugural series of Rock 'N' Roll campfire, and I would like to thank you, pals, for coming with me on this adventure and liking, subscribing and watching the episodes so far. I would also like to thank all of my guests so far for being such great sports and agreeing to share their stories and thoughts with us all.
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