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Help Roger

As some of you may know, our mate Roger Miret, lead singer of the mighty Agnostic Front from NYC, had a cancer operation last year which he still is recovering from, but the medical bills stacked up, so it’s time for the worldwide hardcore/punk rock community to show him and his family some love.
With that in mind, our mate who’s a very talented photographer from Glasgow, Steven Scouller, suggested we should sell some signed portraits of Jeff that he took to raise some money for Roger and his family and help with the burden of the medical bills a little bit.
Jeff signed 25 pictures for now, but we could potentially reprint more pictures or a different picture if you guys want to buy pictures and help Roger after the first 25 are sold. Please stay tuned to Cockney Rejects’ official social media accounts, we’ll let you guys know when the original 25 pictures are taken.
If you want to participate, it’s rather easy.

Step 1) Just head over to Roger’s GoFundMe page, by CLICKING HERE. 
Make a public donation of at least 40 USD (US Dollars) – that’s the minimum that we ask, but if you can spare some more money and can donate more, we’d certainly be thankful and so would Roger’s family for sure.
In your donation comment, make sure you write “Donating on behalf of the Cockney Rejects/Steven Scouller campaign”.

Step 2) Forward us the confirmation email to with your name and address on it and we’ll tell you how much postage will cost.

Step 3) Once we tell you how much the postage will cost, send the postage amount to us via PayPal, and we’ll mail you the signed photo.

On average, to the UK, the postage costs about 2.93 GBP (British Pounds Sterling), to Europe 8.85 GBP (British Pounds Sterling), to North America 10.55 GBP (British Pounds Sterling), to South America 11 GBP (British Pounds Sterling), to Australia 11.45 GBP (British Pounds Sterling) and to Europe 8.85 GBP (British Pounds Sterling).
Don’t forget, when you make your donation at GoFundMe, it’s important that it’s a public donation with your name on it so that we can check it out.
We appreciate anyone that can help Roger’s family in this difficult time.

Cheers, Cockney Rejects & Steven Scouller
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