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Greatest Hits Vol 1.

01 I'm Not A Fool

02 Headbanger

03 Bad Man

04 Fighting In The Street

05 Shitter

06 Hare They Come Again

07 Join The Rejects

08 East End

09 The New Song

10 Police Car

11 Someone Like You

12 They're Gonna Put Me Away

13 Are You Ready To Ruck

14 Where The Hell Is Babylon

Greatest Hits Vol 2.

01 War On The Terraces

02 In The Underworld

03 Oi Oi Oi

04 Hate Of The City

05 With The Boys

06 Urban Guerrilla

07 The Rocker

08 The Greatest Cockney Rip Off

09 Maybe It's Because I'm A Londoner

10 Sitting In A Cell

11 On The Waterfront

12 We Can Do Anything

13 It's Alright

14 Subculture

15 Blockbuster

The Power And The Glory 

01 The Power & the Glory
02 Because I'm in Love
03 On the Run
04 Lumon
05 Friends
06 Teenage Fantasy
07 It's Over
08 On the Streets Again
09 BYC
10 The Greatest Story Ever Told

The Wild Ones

01 Way of the Rocker
02 City of the Lights
03 Rock N' Roll Dream
04 Till the End of the Day
05 Some Play Dirty
06 Satellite City
07 Let Me Rock You
08 Victim of the Cheap Wine
09 Hells a Long Way to Go
10 Heat of the Night

Quiet Storm

01 It Ain't Nothing
02 I Saw the Light
03 Back to the Start
04 I Can't Forget
05 Feeling My Way
06 Quiet Storm
07 Leave It
08 Fourth Summer
09 Jog On

Unheard Rejects

01 It Can't Be True
02 1984
03 Nobody Knows
04 I Need It Again
05 Dead Generation
06 No Time
07 It Will Only Ever Be
08 Going Back Home
09 It's Up To You
10 Ruttling Orange Peel
11 Man's Life In The Army
12 Listen


01 Bad Man Down
02 Penitentiary
03 Struttin' My Stuff
04 Lethal Weapon
05 Rough Diamond
06 Go Get It
07 Down 'N' Out
08 One Way Ticket
09 Once a Rocker
10 Take Me Higher
11 Down the Line
12 Mean City
13 See You Later

Out Of The Gutter

01 Out of the Gutter
02 Nobody Knows
03 Beginning of the End
04 It Still Means Something
05 Rock 'N' Roll Dream
06 You Gotta Have It
07 Take It On The Chin
08 Calling The Shots
09 Collar Felt Blues
10 Shit Or Bust
11 Go Down Fighting
12 Grin and Bear It
13 Snide


01 Cockney Reject
02 Come See Me
03 It's Alright Bruv
04 Fists of Fury
05 (The Ballad Of) Big Time Charlie
06 Unforgiven
07 Useless Generation
08 Wish You Weren't Here
09 Bubbles
10 Gonna Make You a Star
11 Stick 2 Your Guns
12 (I Dont Wanna) Fight No More
13 See You Later

East End Babylon

01 Your Country Needs You
02 Grasses 'N' Snides
03 I Love Being Me
04 The Devil Went Down to Essex
05 East End Babylon
06 Scars to Prove It
07 Silvertown
08 Bang Out of Order
09 Back to My Roots
10 In Control Forever

Power Grab

01 We Where Never Bothered

02 Paper Tiger

03 Same Ol' Same Ol'

04 Up For The Fight

05 Stab In The Back

06 Get Your Shit Together

07 40 Years Undefeated

08 My Heart Ain't In It

09 Power Grab

10 Runaway Boys

11 That Thing We Do

12 Mug (You're A Long Time Dead)

13 The Cold Light Of Day (CD Bonus Track)

14 Learning To Fly (CD Bonus Track)

East End Babylon

Rarely in the long history of British rock'n'roll has there been a story of such depth,magnitude and sheer turbulence as that of the Cockney Rejects.

There have been many "rockumentaries" over the years, but director Richard England looked between the lines and realised that there was something very different here - a story spanning over a hundred years, a story of the most impoverished place in Britain, it's people, culture and way of life that is now all but extinct, that in turn gave birth to one of the most ferocious rock'n'roll bands that ever lived.

From the heaving masses living around the largest docks in the world, to the bombs that flew through world war two, 'East End Babylon' takes us on a journey through smoky boxing clubs, battles on the terraces and piss stained boozers as three dead end kids formed a band that would be the last word in rock'n'roll savagery.

Mistrusted and misunderstood by the rock elite and media, the Rejects were one of a kind - the first band to combine rock'n'roll and football, and imbued with a "take no shit" attitude, which has often been copied but never equaled.

Follow the band and its road crew of West Ham's infamous ICF hooligans as they take their furious brand of rock'n'roll on the road, resulting in running battles with Nazis, rival football firms, legendary Top of the Pops performances, culminating in the vicious "battle of Birmingham" which finished the band as a touring unit.

Witness the redemption as the Rejects, now a worldwide cult who's music has influenced some of the biggest bands on the planet, play to hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe, uniting kids from all backgrounds with their particular brand of rock and football.

Come and feel the mighty heart that beats to the sound of rivet hammers on a background of claret and blue.

This is East End Babylon.

Cockney Rejects Albums
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