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Cockney Rejects Merch.


Welcome to the home of Official Cockney Rejects merchandise.

We thank you for purchasing direct from the band, and not from illegal traders who are trying to earn money

off of the back of the band.

When you buy here it helps to keep our band alive, and helps us plan for the future.

You can be sure that our merch is top quality, plus of course you can contact us should something not be

right and any problems will be rectified as soon as possible. 


If you see anyone else selling merchandise bearing our name or logo please let us know so we can put a stop

to it immediately. 

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 Bubbles/The Rocker  - Ltd Edition 7" Picture Disc              Click on single cover to order

 Goodbye Upton Park  - Ltd Edition Signed 7" Single
Click on single cover to order
 Chapecoense - Ltd Edition Signed 7" Single
Click on single cover to order

Mick Geggus - Life After Lloyd  - Signed Copies
Click on book cover to order


Signed East End Babylon DVD

Limited to x1000 copies signed by Jeff & Mick

Click on the cover below to order direct from our chums at Cadiz


Our T-Shirts are proudly made and supplied by Ink Clan Nation

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