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Stinky's Shout Outs

We would like to say a massive thank you for everybody who came to our show at Vertigo Rock Fest in Ermua. It was an absolute fantastic experience, a great, passionate audience. It will live in our memory forever. Brilliant!.

Hey pals.

We have a very important announcement for you.

The Rejects carry on.

Jeff has made a video which you can see below about the future and explaining his decision to carry on with the band.

The band really appreciate everyone's support and understanding and they're looking forward to getting back out there on the road.

Onwards and Upwards

The Cockney Rejects.

Unforgiven Record Store Day 2024 Release
Our chums Cadiz are releasing a UK only Record Store Day version of Unforgiven on white vinyl. Limited to 500 copies only. 
Only available through UK independent record stores. Tap up your local store to get yourself a copy.
Oh yes.. who's are those hands on the cover?
Hello everyone.
We've been having a lot of people come up to us and ask about our retirement at the end of the year, following our Club 100 shows in December.
That is not the case.
As we stated back in April 2022, when we originally announced that 2022 and 2023 were going to be our last touring years, after 2023, we will still play the festival circuit.
2023 is not the last year you will see us live on stage, it is just the last year of our extensive touring.
Watch this video and hear Jeff himself explain the situation.
We appreciate everyone's support and we hope to see you guys out on the road for as long as possible, even if less frequent.
Cheers, Jeff.
Here we go Pals
Power Grab now released
Available as CD, Limited Edition Red Vinyl LP and Limited Edition LP/CD/MC Boxset
Hi Pals
You can now rent or download to own East End Babylon movie on Amazon Prime Video

Tour Dates

East End Babylong LP.png
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