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Hey pals.

We have a very important announcement for you.

The Rejects carry on.

Jeff has made a video which you can see below about the future and explaining his decision to carry on with the band.

The band really appreciate everyone's support and understanding and they're looking forward to getting back out there on the road.

Onwards and Upwards

The Cockney Rejects.


Alright pals. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. Have a look around. We try to update the site as and when we can. Be it band news, gig updates or new merchandise. Drop us a line anytime and we'll try get back to you as soon as we can.


If you have any pics of yourself with us we would love to see them, tag us in Facebook and we'll put them up in the gallery.


Talking of merchandise we have some great shirts for sale in the shop, so please check back regularly for new designs and stock updates. Every shirt you buy from this site you can be sure the money is going direct to the band help keeping us on the road. Accept no substitutes


Onwards and upwards

Oi Oi

The Cockney Rejects

HI Pals.
As some of you may know, our mate Roger Miret, lead singer of the mighty Agnostic Front from NYC, had a cancer operation last year which he still is recovering from, but the medical bills stacked up, so it’s time for the worldwide hardcore/punk rock community to show him and his family some love.
So CLICK HERE for more details 

Happy VE Day pals! Lets rekindle the ol' bulldog spirit and get through this mess together! Special thanks to Kevin Poree for assembling this.


History of The Cockney Rejects

Rarely in the long history of British rock’n’roll has there been a story of such depth, magnitude and sheer turbulence as that of the Cockney Rejects.

The band were formed in the late Seventies in East London as an answer to the art school punk that had dominated the scene up until then.

Fiercely working class in stance and attitude, the band eschewed the political ramblings of punk’s first wave and sang about the circumstances that surrounded them and millions of street kids in Britain’s inner cities- Police harassment, street battles and football to name three.

Signed by EMI after playing four local gigs (less than the pistols!) they found themselves playing sell out tours the length and breadth of the UK and seeing their debut album storm the charts.

Top of the pops appearances followed, which became the stuff of legend as the band generally ran amok in the hallowed White city studios, finally getting banned from the show for their boisterous behavior.

In 1980 the band recorded a riotous version of ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles’ to celebrate the fact that their beloved West Ham United had reached the FA cup final that year, but their devotion to all things claret and blue proved to be their downfall as the gigs became battlegrounds between the band and rival supporters, culminating in the vicious ‘Battle of Birmingham’ that led to serious criminal charges that in turn led to the band being finished as a touring unit.

With the band’s first phase being over, in the interim they were discovered by a brand new fanbase such as US bands Rancid and Green Day, who cherished the Rejects and their terrace punk singalong anthems which, in turn, inspired a new generation of kids to check them out.

Due to overwhelming demand, the band returned to the live circuit in 2000, and have since gone from strength to strength, playing to hundreds of thousands of people across the globe with a live set that is so energetic that it has to be seen to be believed.

With the fractionalization of the late ‘70’s and early ‘80’s now gone for good, with every gig becoming a party for fans and band alike, the Cockney Rejects go from strength to strength.

There has never been a better time to check    out the band that inspired a generation with their timeless brand of terrace sing along classics and white hot live set.

Join the Rejects - You won’t have a better night out all year!


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Morgan Penn

How about this for a fantastic portrait of the lads? Click on the picture to go direct to Morgan's website for more brilliant art.


Hey guys & gals. Head over to our good friends LONG LIVE THE BOLEYN. They have some great Long Live The Boleyn Merchandise for sale.

Just click on the picture below.


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